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Boiler Installation Faversham




Welcome to Faversham’s trusted boiler installation and plumbing services. All of our staff are highly skilled, fully qualified engineers and are ready and able to deal with all of your heating and plumbing needs. We specialise in plumbing, heating, drainage; we work across the Kent area. We can get a qualified plumber to you ASAP or can offer you practical, friendly advice over the phone; the choice is yours.


Keep your Heating System in tip top condition.

In the summer months, everyone forgets about their heating system, then when the cold weather hits, the heating is then put on full blast, and that’s where the problems start.
Our advice is, just before the winter arrives have your boiler serviced. On top of the boiler service, if your heating system is over ten years old and has never been power flushed then it would be worth considering a power flush to. At boiler installation Faversham we will service your boiler free of charge if you book our full heating system power flush service.
If you need an honest and reliable Boiler Repair company, or you would like a free no obligation quote from Boiler Installation Faversham.
Just give us a call or contact us via the contact page and we can arrange a site visit for you

Boiler installation Faversham

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Here comes summer


Summer has arrived and we love it.


Now is as good a time as any to organise our homes. The sun shows all the dust and cobwebs more clearly, so time for a spring clean.


Keep safe


Over the last 10 years British summers have become longer and hotter. All the more reason for us to keep our homes safe, as we Brits are not used to it.


Boiler Installation Faversham top tips for summer


  • What an excellent opportunity to get your boiler checked, while it’s out of use.
  • Stop using the tumble dryer, give it a well earned break.
  • Try not to put the heating on in the evenings if a cardigan will suffice.
  • Make use of your garden, have a good old clear out before lighting the BBQ.
  • Keep a look out for those pesky pests (wasps, ants and mice etc.) the hot weather attracts them.
  • Spring clean your sheds, garages, lofts etc.
  • Cycle or walk to work and save petrol, as well as helping to cut down your carbon footprint.
  • Turn the air conditioning off and open the windows and doors.
  • Don’t be too quick to get the hose pipe out for your lawn. Try waiting for the summer storms.
  • Make use of the longer days and ENJOY THE SUN.


Trivia (did you know?)


  • The Eiffel Tower grows 6 inches taller in the summer.
  • More ice cream is sold in the month of July in the UK than any other month.
  • The first day of summer has a name (solstice) which is Latin for ‘sun stand still.’


About us


We are an accredited boiler installation company. Please call us for some FREE advice. We will always answer the phone and renowned for our rapid response. All work carried out is guaranteed and fully insured.

N.B Boiler Installation Faversham is available 24/7.


Relevant Information


Although Boiler Installation Kent strives to provide correct and accurate information throughout all this website, it is only a general guide to help our customers. This is not professional advice and we accept no responsibilities for any DIY work carried out by unqualified engineers.


Some gas and electrical procedures are required by law to be carried out by a qualified engineer.


We accept no liability for the damage to any persons or properties, and recommend that no minor under the age 18 or inexperienced person attempt the advice set out here.


If you have any doubt at all please contact a professional company like boiler installation kent


For Boiler installations servicing, gas safeties on oil, LPG and natural gas boilers call us today 0800 772 3345

Boiler Installation Faversham are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week




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