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Boiler Installation Sittingbourne


Noisy Boilers


Noisy boilers and pipes


Have you ever turned your fridge off and then realised how noisy it was? The same can be said for our noisy heating pipes. We get used to it, even at night, because the kind of noise that comes from our central heating creeps up on us really slowly.


Is there scale in your pipes?


One reason for noisy pipes is because there is a build up of scale causing little hot steam bubbles which burst periodically. A descaler will soon fix the problem and you can buy one of these from most DIY stores.


  • Turn your heating off.
  • Add descaler to the expansion tank & feed.
  • Then leave it to work


Check you thermostat


Try lowering the temperature. If this quietens the noise you may have a faulty thermostat and will need to call in an engineer.


Water flow


Does your boiler have a good water flow? If it is the middle of winter your pipes could be frozen.


  • Turn the heating off and check the water valve is still working
  • Check the open safety vent pipe is working correctly: if not, you will need to call an engineer


Are you in need of a new boiler?


Before you start shopping around all the aloof bigwig companies, get a quote from us. (Boiler Installation Sittingbourne.)


We are a family business, based in Kent. No job is too big or small for us. Whether you have a little house in Sittingbourne or are a big company, we are there for all your plumbing needs.


Never ignore the hissing and banging from your water pipes


This is a noise that you need to take heed of. Your pipes will only moan at you if there is something  that needs looking at.




Boiler Installation Sittingbourne can not stress this enough. This is not a TV that you can thump and the picture goes back to normal. (TV of the seventies at least.) This is gas central heating that you are dealing with, so put the spanner away and call a professional registered heating engineer.


Same day service from Boiler Installation Sittingbourne


Leave your contact details with us and we will return your call as soon as we possible can. We can offer you a same day boiler replacement if the need arises. We use a wide range of boilers from only the most reputable companies like Bosch and Worcester.


Relevant Information


Although Boiler Installation Kent strives to provide correct and accurate information throughout all their websites, it is only a general guide to help our customers. This is not professional advice and we accept no responsibilities for any DIY work carried out by unqualified engineers.


Some gas and electrical procedures are required by law to be carried out by a qualified engineer.


We accept no liability for the damage to any persons or properties, and recommend that no minor under the age 18 or inexperienced person attempt the advice set out here.


If you have any doubt at all please contact a professional company.


Contact Boiler Installation Sittingbourne for further information



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Had a new boiler installation in Sittingbourne, call the guys and they were very helpful and half the cost of the national company i had a quote from
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