My Hot Water is Cold

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My Hot Water is Cold


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Seriously, there is nothing worse than getting under that beautiful power shower (the one you blissfully use every morning) and the water comes out cold.


It’s more than cold.


It’s freezing!


At least that’s how it feels.


Is Everything Switched On?


Check that all the switches are on and that would include the controls. If there has been a power cut your control dials may have re-set themselves.


Check the Fuse Box


Has a fuse blown? If so, it might be wise to call an engineer as this might have an underlying cause.


Check the Thermostat is High Enough


Someone may have turned the temperature setting down at your thermostat control panel.


Check the Pilot Light


The pilot light can go out every so often; a windy night could blow it out.


How to Re-ignite the Pilot Light?


Firstly, you need to smell around the boiler. If you smell gas, you don’t want to be lighting anything. This is the time to call an engineer as you might have a gas leak. The only thing we suggest you do at this point is to turn the pilot button off. The pilot button has 3 options. (on, off and pilot)


If there is no smell of gas, then it is safe to continue.


Switch the button over to pilot option and remove the outer and inner cover. There you will find 3 wires, one of which is copper. That copper tube is attached to the pilot light. Follow it along and it will take you directly to the burner and pilot light. If the small blue flame is on, then there is another reason your hot water isn’t working.  If the flame has gone out then that is more than likely your problem.


Hold and keep holding the pilot button down while you light the burner, much the same way as you turn your gas oven on. You will need a long kitchen (BBQ) lighter for this. Keep holding the button down for about a minute once it’s lit. Please do not attempt this if you feel unsure in any way. It would be much better to call Boiler Installation Kent if you are in doubt.


If the hot water still isn’t working after you have tried all of these steps, then you need to call a reputable company that is gas safe registered and they will fix the problem for you.


Relevant Information


Although Boiler Installation Kent strives to provide correct and accurate information throughout all their websites, it is only a general guide to help our customers. This is not professional advice and we accept no responsibilities for any DIY work carried out by unqualified engineers.


Some gas and electrical procedures are required by law to be carried out by a qualified engineer.


We accept no liability for the damage to any persons or properties, and recommend that no minor under the age 18 or inexperienced person attempt the advice set out here.


If you have any doubt at all please contact a professional company.



Boiler Installation Kent covers the whole area of Kent.



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