Vaillant Boiler Installer in Kent


Boiler installation Kent will now go into detail on the Valliant boiler range

Vaillant has been in business for more than 140 years creating various heating and cooling systems. Using innovative technology, it has constantly remained one step ahead of its competitors, producing some of the best boilers, air conditioning systems and ventilation products around the world.

Reduce Your Energy Bills Instantly

One of the biggest benefits of the range of HVAC products is the ability to reduce the energy bills. The products are all extremely highly efficient, whether you need a heating system around the home or are looking for hot water cylinders. It is possible to save up to hundreds of pounds in the year by investing in the right type of system for your home.




Instant Heat and Hot Water

There are four types of boilers that are great for instant heat and hot water. They are all combination boilers too, which helps to keep the cost and maintenance down. Smaller homes will benefit from one of the three levels of EcoTec Pro range. Those who prefer boilers that store water will benefit from the Plus 937, which stores 15 litres of water. This helps to keep the time to a minimum to get the hot water.

For larger homes, the EcoTec Plus system boiler is something to consider. This has a hot water cylinder within the system boiler, offering an output of as much as 37 kW.

Commercial Boilers for All

The boilers are not just for domestic uses. This German company has also developed a range of commercial boilers. One of the newest and most efficient available is the EcoTec Wall Hung Boiler, which comes at 80, 100 and 120 kW power depending on your needs. There is no compartment ventilation system needed, which is a major advantage to many.

Renewable Options Available

With the focus on innovative technology, it has led to the creation of boilers using renewable technology. Some of the systems are hybrid, helping to keep gas bills down but not leading to any issues should the renewable source not be available when needed for whatever reason. However, there is a range of ground source, air source and solar powered options, depending on preferences.

Vaillant continues to develop new systems depending on needs. It is a company that stays on top of recent discoveries and technologies, and offers the developments to its customers.

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