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Boiler Installation Kent will now go into some detail on the potterton Boiler range


Potterton originally started manufacturing boilers more than 150 years ago. Since then, it has created over five million boilers and become one of the largest manufacturers of boilers throughout the whole of Europe. It has done that by continually moving forward, and accepting that older models need to be discontinued.

Heat-Only and Combination Boilers Available

There is a range of heat-only and combination boilers available from Potterton. Whatever heating system you choose, you will get a highly efficient boiler that will save hundreds on your annual energy bills. Some of the ranges available include the Potterman Promax (heat-only) and the Gold (combi) boilers.

Between 2006 and 2010, the Potterton Gold was awarded the best option by Which? due to its energy efficiency, reliability and ease of installation. It is perfect for protecting the environment due to the very low NOx emissions.




System and Standing Boilers for the Home

System boilers are also available through Potterton. These types of boilers work like combi boilers, except there is a separate tank for the storage of the hot water. There are two types of system boilers to choose between: the Promax System HE Plus A or the Performa System HE. The former model is available on gas and LPG energy systems.

Standing boilers are another option to choose from. All Potterton standing boilers have an energy rating A, which is the highest possible. The Promax FSB 30 HE is great for those looking to place it underneath a work countertop to help save space.

Renewable Technology in the Making

Like many other companies, this boiler company is focusing on the development of renewable technologies. Potterton even has a way to gain grants to help with installing the renewable technology source to make it possible to benefit from this energy efficient method of heating the home and creating hot water.

The solar powered options are the most popular from Potterton. 100% of the summer needs can be gained through solar only, while 55% around the year is gained through the sun. That is just in the UK, so other counties will benefit further.

It can seem like there are a lot of different options to choose between. When it comes to Potterton, you first need to decide on the fuelling method and system. Once you have that, you quickly narrow down your choices since the manufacturers like to keep it simple for you.

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