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We are happy to help you with practical advice, or can send out one of our highly experienced and skilled engineers at a time that is convenient for you. Our engineers at Boiler Installation Canterbury are available 24/7, 365 days a year, as we understand that if you have a boiler problem, it can not only be alarming as it’s gas, but it can cause life to stand still.

Feel free to check us out on the Gas Safe Registered List. Our Gas Safe number is 553610

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My Hot Water is Cold”

In the summer months you may be grateful for lukewarm or cold water running through the hot taps. You won’t be so glad at wintertime though.

Scenario 1:

You have a job interview.

Scenario 2:

It’s your first day at work.

Scenario 3:

You have to visit your Aunt Nelly.

Scenario 4:

Your mother-in-law is coming to stay.

These four different scenario’s are proof that no matter what the occasion is, we never want to wake up to NO HOT WATER. Boiler Installation Canterbury would like to give some friendly tips to check, before having to call us.


Advice From Boiler Installation Canterbury

  • Make sure that all the switches are on. Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised! It happens to the best of us.
  • Make sure that the thermostat is turned up. Maybe someone in the family has turned it down without your knowledge.
  • Check the pilot light is still alight. If it isn’t, then we advise you to call a reputable company like Boiler Installation Canterbury.
  • Turn your heating up full for a bit, see what happens, it might work temporarily. You might still have to give us a call, because you don’t want your fuel bills to hit the sky. You can always ring Boiler Installation Canterbury for some free advice.
  • Check the clock programmer. Especially if it is the time of year when the clocks have gone back or forward, or if there has been a power cut.
  • Turn the switches on and off. Doing this might adjust things again. You can find the electrical supply switch in or near the airing cupboard.
  • If it is a really cold winter, you may have frozen pipes. Then you will need to call Boiler Installation Canterbury.
  • You will also need to call us if any other gas appliances are affected.

Fun facts

  • One baby will have their nappy changed 10,000 times before it is old enough to use the toilet.
  • Public toilets are home to 40,000 germs. (Lovely thought, hey!)
  • The Americans spent $100, 000 on surveying which way people hang their loo roll.
  • 8 million UK citizens use their mobile while sitting on the loo.
  • The first toilet roll ever invented was 2ft, by 3ft.
  • The word ‘crap’ (excuse the language) came about because there was a Yorkshire plumber called Thomas Crapper. He was renowned for working for the gentry and set up his company called Thomas Crapper & Co, which was based in London. He also invented the ballcock, but not the flush as legend has it.



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Relevant Information

Although Boiler Installation Kent strives to provide correct and accurate information throughout all their websites, it is only a general guide to help our customers. This is not professional advice and we accept no responsibilities for any DIY work carried out by unqualified engineers.

Some gas and electrical procedures are required by law to be carried out by a qualified engineer.

We accept no liability for the damage to any persons or properties, and recommend that no minor under the age 18 or inexperienced person attempt the advice set out here.

If you have any doubt at all please contact a professional company.

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