Baxi Boiler Installation Kent


Boiler Installation Kent will now go into a little more detail on the Baxi boiler range.

In 1866, Baxi was founded by Richard Baxendale. It started off as just a small East Midlands brand, but then became part of the larger BDR Thermea. It is now one of Europe’s largest manufacturers for boilers, and all that is due to the innovative technology, news designs and ability to offer something everyone wants.

Range of Boiler Types

Combination boilers are the main type you will see when it comes to buying Baxi. However, there are different ranges within that one type. You can get your hands on the Baxi Duo-tec GA, Neta-tec GA or the Platinum HE A boilers.

Not everyone wants a combination boiler right now. The Solo Heat-Only range is also a possibility, which focuses on the traditional boiler systems. While you can get your hands on a back boiler range, there is also a compact system for those with smaller homes.



Renewable Heating Systems for All

As renewable energy sources have become more popular, Baxi has focused on developing a line just for people who need or prefer this. There are now a number of different boilers, running from all different types of renewable power sources.

The solar-powered options are among the most popular, but there is also the Geoflo range, which is a ground source heat pump option. The Bioflo system is also available, which runs on Biomass. These are among the best throughout the whole of Europe, and are highly efficient to help save money on energy bills.

New Technology for Combined Boilers

Baxi is now focusing on combining the heat sources, so electricity and heat run from the same source. This technology is run through a micro-chip, which is constantly being developed through innovative designs. The micro-chip is viewed as the most realistic options for alternative energy, which is why Baxi is focusing on it so much.

The Ecogen and Innotech GAMMA are two options for combined energy boilers from Baxi.

With innovative technology, Baxi has been able to stay ahead of the competition for over 100 years. It is now one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of boilers, and is constantly growing. The innovative designs and use of different energy options has helped it offer something for all, whether they want regular boilers, combi options or those powered through renewable sources.

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